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Furnace Repair Service

Serving Ansonia, Shelton and all of New Haven county.
When your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, it can be a stressful, distracting time. Superior Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning LLC trained and experienced HVAC technicians are available 24/7 to handle all of your emergency furnace call-outs.
Emergency furnace repair for Ansonia, Shelton, Seymour, Derby, Woodbridge, Orange and the surrounding areas.

Need an Ansonia Furnace Contractor?
Emergencies, Yearly & Bi-Yearly Plans

Gas, Oil and Electric Furnace Repair
Connecticut winters can be bitterly cold. When your furnace breaks down, you want to be sure that it is repaired quickly and correctly so you remain comfortable for the rest of the winter.

Qualified to provide you with accurate diagnosis and repair

From emergency furnace repair to routine maintenance, our qualified HVAC professionals keep you comfortable all year long. We have seen all furnace problems, both residential and commercial. Our contractors work with all oil brands and repair both oil and gas furnaces.
Over our 20 plus years in business, we have seen it all. Here are some of the common furnace problems our customers experience:

Prepared for any emergency situation.

Our maintenance vehicles come fully stocked with all the tools and parts needed to repair any furnace.

Replacement and installation

In addition to general repairs, call us for furnace replacement, installation and routine maintenance. We always recommend to our customers a yearly or bi-yearly service to keep their heating working efficiently and stave of repairs.
All furnaces need maintaining to prevent repair issues from surfacing, don’t neglect regular filter cleaning and replacements. If you’re unsure how to properly maintain your furnace for best results, don’t hesitate to speak to our repair technicians.

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