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Air Conditioning FAQs

Got questions about buying or using an air conditioner? Confused by a problem the unit is throwing up? We have many of your questions answered right here. If you’re still confused, and need help in the southern CT area, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Do I need to have my air conditioner serviced every year?

No you don’t need to, but it is recommended. A yearly service will help to maintain your warranty, keep your energy bills down and ensure your continued comfort.

What does it mean if my evaporator coils freeze?

Don’t panic! This is not uncommon and there are a number of possible causes:

What happens if I don’t maintain my air conditioner?

Air conditioning units don’t run forever without maintenance. Some of the issues you may experience are:

What size air conditioner should I get?

This depends on the size of your home and your personal needs. Too small and it could take a while to cool your home, too large and you may end up with an overworking expense, that can even grow mold and have a reduced lifespan. If you are not sure speak to an air conditioning professional.

What do the air conditioner ratings mean?

ERR (Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This is tested in laboratory conditions and measures cooling output divided by energy usage at peak load.
A higher number is more energy efficient.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This measures cooling efficiency calculated over a seasonal average (and not in lab conditions). The ratings run from 9-24. In the US each state has a minimum requirement for the sale of air conditioners, usually 13 or 14. To calculate how much you could save with a new unit, use this handy tool from SEER Energy Savings.
A higher number is more energy efficient.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

This measures head pump efficiency.
A higher number is more energy efficient.

Can my A/C control humidity in my home?

Yes, air conditioners naturally reduce humidity as cooler air holds less of it. The amount of humidity reduction can also depend on the unit’s setup, and can be controlled with the humidistat if you have one.

How can I reduce A/C running costs

1. Upgrade to a newer and higher efficiency unit.
2. Go for energy star systems.
3. Install economizers which use cool outside air to reduce the amount of time the air conditioner is in operation.
4. Keep your system maintained at least once per year.

Why is my air conditioner leaking?

This is not uncommon and there are several possible causes:

Should I set my A/C to on or auto?

ON constantly circulates air to keep you comfortable. Auto only blows when the a/c is putting out cool air. Really it comes down to cost. If you always have the A/C set to ON, you will have higher energy bills than setting it to auto.

Why is the air conditioning noisy?

Often this is caused by:

Why is the air conditioner smelly?

This is caused by bacterial growth in the fan coil unit. In severe cases, a chemical treatment may be used to remove the smell, but generally a good clean will fix it.

I’m always hot what should I do?

Don’t assume you need a bigger unit. If the one you have is sized appropriately for your home, consider a ductless split system; this allows you to control the temperature in specific rooms/areas of the home.

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